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2022 April Heartbeat

Tim Baker with young girl in Yucatan

From the Heart

Baker Family in Mexico 2022

Greetings from Mexico to all our friends, adoptive families, and supporters! After living in China for nearly three decades, we returned to the US in February 2020 because of Covid. Since then, China has been closed to travel and we are unable to get new visas.

The Philip Hayden Foundation maintains a small staff in China and continues to support orphaned, disabled, and marginalized children and young adults through our various projects in China. We will continue to share more stories about our current projects in China.

Since China has been closed to travel for the past two years, we have been fervently pursuing other opportunities to help vulnerable kids – wherever in the world they live. Mexico has always had a special place in our hearts. Pam and I traveled here more than 40 years ago and always felt that someday we would be called back here to serve the people.

China…And Mexico

That someday has finally come as Pam and I, along with our 24-year-old son Nate, recently moved to Mexico to show the Mexican people God’s amazing love. Pam and I love to be directly involved with the kids we serve.  We’re here in Mexico right now, reaching out to those in need. Our hearts are for the orphans, the disabled, and the marginalized. We bring that same God-given love we have for the people of China to the Mexican people. Covid may have closed the door and prevented our return to China, but a new door has opened for us, rekindling a God-given love and compassion for the people of Mexico.

You may have chosen to support PHF because we work with orphans in China. Others may be excited about the opportunity to help vulnerable kids wherever they are. Would you take a moment and let us know what you think? Join the conversation!

~Tim Baker

One At a Time in Asia – Meet Maria

Last summer, nurse Angela had a longing to set up special education classes for the orphans. She started asking around in the local community to see if anyone knew any special education teachers – but there was no one.

Maria was a middle school teacher at a local school for many years. She heard about the orphanage from her son, a regular volunteer at the social care center, for several years.

At that time, teacher Maria, a newcomer to the center, didn’t have the confidence to teach the orphans as she had never done anything like that before. The task seemed overwhelming. But as she began to get to know the kids, her mind changed. Like so many volunteers who have come over the years, she soon discovered just how precious these children really are.  

Then, teacher Maria and another teacher, Grace, set up the special education classrooms. With enthusiasm and a bit of fear, and without much experience, they began teaching the kids. They both were amazed how the kids’ minds were like sponges absorbing knowledge. 

At first, they taught simple things such as what’s a tree, what’s a road, and what’s a car. All those things are essential to know, but they still wanted to teach more. So they decided to teach life skills in the classroom related to the children’s daily routine. After that, they added music classes, dancing classes, and art classes where the kids could become creative through the arts and learning games. 

Creativity Encourages Learning

Amazingly, as the kids engage in creative learning, they grow confident and blossom. Their ability to learn expanded!

These two amazing women, Maria and Grace, have been teaching for more than ten months now. It’s easy to see that these ladies possess a great passion for teaching the kids.  We are so blessed to have them there making such great progress with the kids’ education.

These women are not satisfied; they want to do more. Now they are asking around to find more resources to learn more about special education, especially Montessori so that they can make a difference in the life of each child. Your continued support makes this possible.

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Red Thread Center Teaches Skills

Have you heard the Chinese red thread parable? It goes something like this: There is an invisible, unbreakable red thread that connects all those who are destined to be together, intertwining our hearts. This parable often reflects the adoption of a child and the spiritual connection between a parent and child. But it can also reflect the complex tapestry of community. As our lives intertwine, the bond is stronger, and we can support each other.

Teaching vocational skills

Over the years, you may have visited our campus in Tianjin and would have seen our Red Thread Banner Factory on the third floor of the vocational center. The workshop not only sewed beautiful banners but also made screen-print art and hand-crafted leatherwork. As a learning center and a fabrication center, many teens and young adults learned fine motor and work skills and expressed creativity.

Just after the Spring Festival ended this year in February, The Philip Hayden Foundation expanded our Red Thread Factory from Tianjin to the city of Beijing. The new workshop is called the Red Thread Arts and Crafts Center. The new center will also fabricate leatherwork like billfolds and keychains, screen-print art on T-shirts and other media, and sew banners. After learning one of these vocational skills, young adults with disabilities will have the opportunity to hone their skills. The extra experience will improve their ability to get a job and be contributing members of society.

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