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All Boys All the Time in This Preschool Class

This particular preschool class was all boys all the time – full of energy and fun! Their teacher, Carm, noticed and celebrated the quirks that make each child unique and valued. These boys were seen, known, and loved at Philip Hayden Foundation. Each boy began to trust adults and thrive in our safe, secure environment. Some, like Levi (Han Qiannan), needed long-term medical care. Others, like Anthony (Han Qianjian), needed therapy after medical care just to participate in daily activities. And each one needed security and love because transitions will always be tricky for these kids.

Three years later, these energetic boys live all over the world. Anthony and Levi still reside in China, waiting for their Forever Families. Three boys – Rocco, Shawn, and Isaac – are now with families in the United States. And two – Morris and Axel – were adopted by loving families in Europe.

Transitioning from PHF to a Forever Family in Europe was challenging for Morris, so his adoptive mom reached out to our staff, who encouraged her and helped she needed. His mom shared that with help, Morris has adapted to his new family and way of life and learned to express his feelings healthily. “He is kind to others, likes to help, and cuddles and talks all day.” Well done, Morris and family!

PHF has been blessed through 25 years of helping orphans and getting a front-row seat to many changed lives – like Anthony, Levi, and Morris. Never forget that you have made this help possible, and with your continued support, we look forward to helping a new group of orphans and vulnerable children as we move forward.

Because there are orphans in need, our work is not complete. Perhaps they’ve grown up in an institution and need help with life and vocational skills to help them live independently and hold a job. Maybe they reside in an orphanage without access to skilled therapists. Or perhaps they need medical care. But we know they need to be seen and known wherever they are before they can be valued and loved.

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