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Medical & Therapy

ten-year-old boy with TCS with his mama. the boy is wearing an external hearing device and has facial abnormalities.

Introducing Matias

Introducing Matias! Matias and his mom live in Yucatán, Mexico. This young boy has Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) and needs your help. So, what is TCS? A genetic mutation causes this disorder, affecting how the bones of the face grow and develop. Bone abnormalities affect more than facial appearance; they can affect hearing, vision, eating, […]

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Congenital Bone and Joint Disorders

This month we’re focusing on joint and bone disorders – two of the most common disabilities we see at Shepherd’s Field. And the two most common ailments? Arthrogryposis and clubfoot. Arthrogryposis – Arthrogryposis (arth-ro-grip-OH-sis), also called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), is a term used to describe a variety of conditions involving multiple joint contractures (or […]

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Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Katy, Made Learning Fun at PHF

In honor of Occupational Therapist Month, we would like to highlight our very own Katy Everhart, MOT. Katy joined our Shepherd’s Field family when she and her husband, Dustin, moved to our campus in 2018. Katy served as the Occupational Therapist (OT) for our Bright Stars Therapy Program and was a fantastic addition!   The […]

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Bright Star Therapy Team Visits Lianjiang, Guangdong

Our staff and therapy team made a trip to the Lianjiang, Guangdong orphanage for the first time in the summer of 2019. Our Director of Operations, Lily Zhuang, made the long trek across the country and one of our Bright Star Therapy team members, Annie Sun. They met with the orphanage staff and their onsite […]

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