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Success Stories

Clean Clothes and Happy Hearts

If a Mama in a single-family household feels like she is drowning in laundry, imagine the laundry required for more than 50 children! More than 25 years ago, one of the first donations by the Philip Hayden Foundation was a pair of washing machines for an orphanage. And PHF recently heard of an orphanage needing […]

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hands of child and adult placing meat on pizza

Young Chefs With Disabilities Experience Success in Making Pizza

Pizza parties are always fun – whether in the United States or China, especially when you are six years old and can make your own pizza! Beyond fun, creating your own pizza can also be therapy. In fact, it can inspire hope – a glimpse of ability instead of disability. Four families from different towns […]

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young woman with facial scarring from burns

Encouragement During Her First Job Search Leads to Success for Trudy

Trudy lived at Shepherd’s Field off and on during her teen years while undergoing plastic surgery to treat burns on her face and hands. She was not an orphan but still needed medical care and vocational training. Philip Hayden Foundation became extended family to Trudy, offering support and encouragement when she began to look for […]

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