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Clean Clothes and Happy Hearts

If a Mama in a single-family household feels like she is drowning in laundry, imagine the laundry required for more than 50 children! More than 25 years ago, one of the first donations by the Philip Hayden Foundation was a pair of washing machines for an orphanage. And PHF recently heard of an orphanage needing a commercial washing machine. Your donations made it happen!

In August, Philip Hayden Foundation purchased a commercial washing machine for an orphanage in Asia. The staff reports, “It can wash 25 kilos of laundry at a time with three independent functions: washing, drying, and dehydration. According to the orphanage, the washing machine works great!” A heart-shaped card is attached to the washing machine, which reads, “thank you very much for your concern and support, love and help to our orphanage. We guarantee that the washing machine is used for kids living in the orphanage.”

Your donations to Philip Hayden Foundation have made a difference for the children and caregivers at an orphanage in rural Asia. Thank you!

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