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Devasting Fire Creates Need

young family devastated by a home fire

A devastating fire broke out on Saturday, May 13, destroying three shanty homes near Mérida on the Yucatán Peninsula. All three families lost all their physical possessions, but the third family had an even more significant loss – the loss of a husband and father. Your donations can help this family.

Two young boys, Didier and Jesús, were asleep inside the home when the fire broke out. Unfortunately, the parents were outside at the time. The young father heroically rushed into the burning structure to save his sons, two-year-old Didier, and three-year-old Jesús. While he was able to get his sons out, he tragically died due to the burns. Didier is now hospitalized in Mérida with a leg injury, while Jesús is hospitalized with burns over his entire body.

Young Jesús was transported to a Mexico City hospital to treat his severe burns at the recommendation of his doctors. The young mother, Alejandra, needs your assistance to travel to Mexico City to be with her son. She is grieving the loss of her husband, and her sons are in hospitals over 600 miles apart.

Our partner, Red de Ciudadanos de Mérida, is caring for the families devastated by the fire. One home belongs to a couple, and another belongs to a single mama and her two elementary-aged children. Local donors provided food, blankets, and wood to begin rebuilding their homes. Your donations for this urgent need will provide access to medical care for Alejandra, Jesús, and Didier. Will you help today?

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