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Advocate for Orphans

Would you like to be personally involved in transforming the life of a vulnerable child? You can! We have children who need your help. Some are waiting to meet their forever family, while others need your help to attend school, receive life-saving surgery or life-changing therapy, or even support to learn a job skill. You can share information on these pages with your friends and family to transform a life. The information you share could change lives forever!

Help a Child Learn


In China, there are not enough teachers in rural areas, particularly for kids with physical disabilities or learning delays. You can advocate for access to education for children in rural China.

Humanitarian Aid


In Yucatán, Mexico, one of the leading causes of death is non-communicable disease. These are diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Red de Ciudadano de Mérida is a local charity that hosts health fairs to diagnose and treat these health conditions. These community outreaches are a social event for the entire family.

Children in Need

Meet Matías


Matías has a genetic disorder, Treacher Collins syndrome.  Dr. Fajardo, the only specialist in Mexico trained to complete the necessary complex surgery, evaluated Matías. Timing for this life-saving reconstructive surgery is crucial. Matías is ready for the surgery and passed his initial physical evaluation. Our partners, Red de Ciudadanos de Mérida, worked tirelessly in the […]

Meet Rolsy


Rolsy is an elementary-aged girl in Merída who was born with spina bifida. Her local community raised funds for her surgical repair, wheelchair, and splints. Instead of being bedbound, Rolsy is learning to walk! You can see from her big smile that she is thriving, thanks to her community’s outpouring of love and support. But […]

Meet Jesús David


Three-year-old Jesús is in a hospital in Mexico City with burns over his entire body. His father lost his life getting Jesús out of the burning shanty home. Jesús is from Mérida, 600 miles away. You can read more in our Stories of Hope.  Your donations will help his mother travel to be with him. […]

More Ways to Advocate

Therapy makes a difference to children with disabilities. PHF is working to provide access to therapy for orphans and vulnerable children. More families are choosing to raise their children with disabilities, but these impoverished families cannot afford therapy. You can advocate for therapy!

Strengthen Families After Adoption

Adoption is a blessing, but it is also hard work. You can encourage families after adoption with a kind note, a meal, or a listening ear. In addition, there are some great organizations who provide support.

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