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Privacy Policy

Philip Hayden Foundation takes our supporters’ privacy seriously. Our official privacy policy is shown below:

Who we are

Our website address is

Personal data collection

PHF collects personal data lawfully and fairly. No personal data other than what is necessary is requested. Personal data we collect when you donate to, support, or volunteer for PHF includes your name, postal address, telephone number, and email address. In more limited circumstances, we also may collect:

  • Data about family members and companions, such as names of your children or name of spouse, if shared with PHF.
  • When applying to volunteer with PHF, we collect the information you provide to us on program interest, skills, language proficiency, and similar questions used for volunteer placement. In addition, if you are accepted as a volunteer, we request and store your date of birth and often a personal biography and photo or family photograph. This information is not shared without your explicit approval.

How we collect data

We collect personal data primarily through our online website when you donate or sign up for our newsletter. We collect additional information when you apply to be a volunteer.

Use of personal data

We use personal data to provide donation receipts, reports on how your funding is used, and updates on new projects. We also use data for our postal campaign mailings, which are only sent to donors in the United States a few times a year. You may opt-out of any postal or email contact at any time. However, transactional correspondence like receipts and year-end donation summaries will continue to be sent.

Disclosure of personal data

PHF takes supporter and volunteer privacy very seriously. We will not sell or trade personal information, whether received online or in any other manner, to any other entity without prior written approval.

Personal data is shared with third-party service providers for donation payment processing through companies such as Paragon Solutions, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, all of which process transactions at the highest security standards. PHF does not store credit card information on our servers. Personal data may be shared during a voluntary financial audit.

Other uses

We will disclose personal data to comply with legal processes, respond to government authorities’ requests, including those outside your country of residence, and meet national security or law enforcement requirements.


We use strict organizational standards to protect personal data and technical measures, including a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations under the EU-US privacy framework. In addition, if we would ever have a reason to believe data was compromised, we would notify our supporters within 72 hours, as required by law.

Right to information

You have the right to request and receive detailed information on what data we have on you personally, where that data is stored, and how it is used. In addition, you have the right to ask us to delete all information we have on you personally (“data erasure”) and can revoke the consent you previously gave us for news and information.

Please contact us if you no longer wish to receive communications from PHF. You can email us or call us at 1-866-526-3712.

Cookie Notice

A cookie is a series of data characters that, when programmed into a website, is placed by the web server into the browser’s application folder on your computer. Once placed onto your machine, the cookie will allow the website to “recognize” you as a unique individual. Cookies do not collect data from the end user’s device.

Cookies are used to determine the success of PHF’s website and marketing campaigns. This allows us to be good stewards with the donations that are given to us to determine our online effectiveness, which also helps keep our expenses low.

Cookies can be removed from your device. Also, depending on what type of web browser and what browser version you are using, you may be able to change the properties on your cookie file so that cookies are not used or saved. Please check with your browser provider for more information on removing cookies.

In addition to cookies, we use other technologies, including pixel tags, to gather information on how visitors interact with our website. These technologies, for example, show us popular pages, conversion rates, click-throughs and other information that can be used to improve our website.

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