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health care worker talks with a mexican woman attending a free health fair

Preventing Family Hardship Through Health: Why Yucatán Needs a Health Fair

Health fairs provide critical tests and health screenings to promote healthy living.

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baby learning to hold up head and reach for balls. Not actual client.

2023 December Heartbeat

From the Heart Are you hopeful about the future? I am. The past few years have been a rollercoaster for many of us, and the changes at Shepherd’s Field and in China reflect that bumpy ride. It was exciting when the Vocational Building was complete, and we had a strong staff. It was heartbreaking when […]

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group of mexican school children receiving free school supplies

School Supplies Provide Smiles

Philip Hayden Foundation is stepping up to encourage children living in extreme poverty to attend school. We are partnering with a local charity in Mérida – Red de Ciudadanos de Mérida – to provide school supplies to needy children.

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young chinese girl with cleft lip and palate, repaired

2023 July Heartbeat

From the Heart Twenty years ago, we saw the very first photo of our fourth daughter. While our other daughters are also adopted, this was our first adoption from China and the first one we had chosen to adopt a child with correctible special needs. Her photo had been taken nearly a year before, and […]

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young boy and mama smile as they are given free cartons of shelf stable milk

Gifts of Milk Bring Smiles

Look at these big smiles! The delivery of free milk to children and their families looks like hope to children and families in poverty. Every liter of milk is shared with a human connection, a promise that they are not alone. Philip Hayden Foundation partners with Red de Ciudadanos de Mérida to distribute more than […]

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chinese boy in wheelchair with adults on each side

2022 November Heartbeat

Announcing a new domain and website to showcase expansion to vulnerable children in China and Mexico. In addition, this issue highlights aid to vulnerable children worldwide.

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600 Bananas…and a Whole Lot of Hope

Tim and Pam Baker are now living in Yucatán, Mexico. Just outside bigger cities are areas of extreme poverty, where families struggle to survive. In July, Tim met Dr. Eder Abreu, a physician with a heart for providing medical care to those who cannot afford to visit a doctor. Through his nonprofit, Red de Ciudadanos […]

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Angel's family for 2022 October Heartbeat

2022 October Heartbeat

PHF donations impacted a family with a medical crisis, a young woman with disabilities, and a boy with developmental delays.

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Brody getting his hair cut with hair clippers

2022 September Heartbeat

Orphan care in China has changed over the past decade. Philip Hayden Foundation continues to collaborate with local charities to change lives.

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