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health care worker in Mexico with client

2023 November Heartbeat

Celebrating 28 years of transforming lives of vulnerable children with humanitarian aid or medical care.

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young chinese girl with hydrocephalus

2023 September Heartbeat

From the Heart Decades ago, Tim and Pam Baker moved to China to teach English. They were later joined by their good friend Philip Hayden. While living in China, they became aware of the plight of vulnerable children, which touched their hearts. This became much more hands-on with the adoption of the Baker’s daughter, Esther. […]

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Clean Clothes and Happy Hearts

If a Mama in a single-family household feels like she is drowning in laundry, imagine the laundry required for more than 50 children! More than 25 years ago, one of the first donations by the Philip Hayden Foundation was a pair of washing machines for an orphanage. And PHF recently heard of an orphanage needing […]

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