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Unexpected Love Brings Overflowing Joy and Laughter

A month hadn’t passed in my new role as the Lead Therapist at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (SFCV) when I picked up this tiny, very fragile baby girl. From that moment, I knew our lives were changed forever. I immediately went to Tim Baker to discuss how and where to begin the adoption process – and as a single woman, it was scary. This November, Charley Moon (Zhu Yingmi) and I will celebrate our sixth Gotcha Day anniversary since coming home together, and we couldn’t be happier.

Charley Moon brings overflowing joy and laughter to our lives. She’s almost always happy, and delights in the simple things like family birthdays, going out to eat together, and warm family gatherings. She’s terrific at puzzles, loves to dance, enjoys all kinds of music, jogging in the neighborhood – and especially concerts!

She’s currently in the second grade, loves to do homework, and has a great group of teachers, including special education teachers and an excellent speech therapist. They’re very patient with Charley Moon, and help to increase her speech and guide her through school.

The inseparable bond I share with this little girl is unique in my life. She teaches me patience, unconditional love, and especially how to slow down! She loves to pray about anything and everything and is always thankful for China. She’s extremely close to her Lao Lao (grandmother) and her Auntie and Uncle, and fits perfectly into the rest of the family, just like the final piece of a puzzle.

~ Kayla

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