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What Love Looks Like

The storage on my cell phone has been full for years now. Normal people would have taken the time to empty the needless things that fill it, but I can’t do that. That space is filled with an instant source of joy for me – thousands of images from time spent in a foreign land, that are sure to brighten any hazy day. Seeing the infectious smiles of kids that are so loved, reminiscing on relationships built over exceptionally American 4th of July celebrations, reminders of how far God’s beauty stretches around the globe. How could those things not cause one to overflow with happiness?

That’s exactly what Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (SFCV) provides. I had the pleasure of assisting Naomi and the therapy staff in the summers of 2017 and 2018, along with my fellow physical therapy students. I wouldn’t trade the weeks I spent in that therapy gym with those kids for anything. Shepherd’s Field doesn’t just produce love with words, they produce love with action. That’s an example that I continue to follow as my PT journey around the country progresses. Thank you, SFCV for showing me what love looks like.

~ Tyler Webb

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