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Why is Education Important?

Education offers hope and a pathway out of poverty. Vulnerable children need extra support to succeed in school, especially kids with disabilities. Philip Hayden Foundation funds classrooms and teacher salaries so these children can receive an education that allows them to thrive.

China has made great strides toward meeting the educational needs of disabled children, but some rural areas still lag behind. Rural teachers often receive lower pay and have higher workloads, and some schools lack teachers with full training in special education. PHF funds schools and special-education classrooms in these high-need areas, particularly for young students.

In Mexico, many students in poor areas don’t receive adequate education to prepare them for the future. Recent statistics reported by Mexico showed that more than half of Mexican students completing lower secondary school had deficits in reading or math.

Many children in Yucatán are part of the a Mayan community. Most Mayan families speak their own language at home rather than Spanish, as they preserve their culture.  The language barrier creates even more learning challenges for the children.

PHF is exploring ways to work with local charities to provide support for teachers, classrooms, and students on the Yucatán peninsula.

“Rural teachers earn one-third of the salary of urban teachers, leaving village schools without teachers – especially for specialized education.”

In rural China, your donations fund a Montessori classroom with room for 30 unsupported children and orphans. We need your help to provide specialized education for vulnerable children. Please donate now or go to our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children In Need

Meet Didier


Two-year-old Didier is currently hospitalized in Mérida. A devastating fire destroyed his home, and his father perished while saving Didier and his brother Jesús David. Didier is alone in the hospital – his three-year-old brother has burns over his entire body and was transferred to a hospital in Mexico City with a burn unit. His […]

Meet Emma


Meet Emma. Emma is a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Mexico with an enlarged liver, probably caused by liver cancer. During the first week of March, her first two liver biopsies will be performed. After the biopsies, she will receive a combination of eight chemotherapy or radiation therapy, depending on the biopsy result. Emma will need $4000 […]

Meet Alonso


Meet Alonso. Alonso is ten years old and is one of many children in Mérida who needs your help to get the asthma medication he so desperately needs. His family lives in extreme poverty and cannot afford the monthly expense. For $40/month, you can provide her asthma medication. You can learn more about asthma in […]

Explore Our Programs


Philip Hayden Foundation provides nutritious food, safe shelter, and medical services to vulnerable children. Children’s short-term basic needs must be met before they can benefit from other assistance like therapy, education, and vocational training.


Meaningful work allows people with disabilities to gain independence, contribute to society, and be viewed with dignity. Philip Hayden Foundation provides vocational and life skills training that enables at-risk young people to become productive, self-supporting adults.


PHF helps at-risk children and children with disabilities receive specialized education that allows them to thrive. Depending on the need, our support may include funding a teacher in a Montessori classroom, paying school tuition, providing supplies, hiring a tutor, and more.


Medical care saves and transforms children’s lives. PHF provides surgeries, treatment, and medicine to vulnerable children, and we help families travel to medical appointments. We also provide therapies to children with disabilities and support training for therapists.

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