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Why is Medical Important?

Medical care can transform or save the lives of at-risk children. But too often, these vulnerable kids don’t receive the healthcare they need. 

With your help, PHF can give children access to doctors, surgeries, medications, and palliative care (“comfort care”). We also help families travel to medical appointments, and we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy for kids with disabilities. We also train caregivers to safely feed a child with swallowing difficulties and transfer a child from a bed to a wheelchair.

More than 98% of orphans in China have disabilities, ranging from severe to minor. China has dramatically improved access to medical care for orphans, especially in cities. But some children need additional support or palliative care, and PHF provides access to these services.

Along with basic medical care, PHF also helps fund physical, occupational, and speech therapy for kids with special needs. These interventions make a huge impact in the lives of children, allowing them greater independence and a much higher quality of life. 

In Yucatán, Mexico, many families live in crowded conditions without plumbing or electricity. Kids in these areas are at greater risk of illness and infection. PHF is working to establish partnerships with local registered charities that can provide medical care for vulnerable children in Yucatán.

“In rural areas of China, a single visit for healthcare can cost as much as housing for one month. Imagine having to make that choice.”

Philip Hayden Foundation has provided medical care ranging from life-saving heart surgery to life-changing physical therapy to enhance mobility. We need your help to continue meeting the healthcare needs of at-risk children in China and Mexico. Please donate now, or visit our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children In Need

Meet Rosalía


Ten-year-old Rosalía was heartbreakingly diagnosed with a brain tumor, the same type as the tumor that took the life of her older sister, Fátima just last year. Rosalía started chemotherapy in February, but the first type was not successful. She now needs a more powerful chemotherapy medication, but the cost is far out of the […]

Meet HengHeng


HengHeng is three years old, and his smile lights up his entire face. His Mama is smiling now too! HengHeng has autism, and his family struggled to meet his needs. They even considered giving him up for adoption so that his needs could be met – and he would have a brighter future. Thankfully, PHF […]

Meet Maria


Meet Maria. Five-year-old Maria is one of many children in Mérida who needs your help to get the asthma medication she so desperately needs. Her family lives in extreme poverty and cannot afford the monthly expense. For $40/month, you can provide her asthma medication. You can learn more about asthma in our Stories of Hope.

Our Programs


Philip Hayden Foundation provides nutritious food, safe shelter, and medical services to vulnerable children. Children’s short-term basic needs must be met before they can benefit from other assistance like therapy, education, and vocational training.


Meaningful work allows people with disabilities to gain independence, contribute to society, and be viewed with dignity. Philip Hayden Foundation provides vocational and life skills training that enables at-risk young people to become productive, self-supporting adults.


PHF helps at-risk children and children with disabilities receive specialized education that allows them to thrive. Depending on the need, our support may include funding a teacher in a Montessori classroom, paying school tuition, providing supplies, hiring a tutor, and more.


Medical care saves and transforms children’s lives. PHF provides surgeries, treatment, and medicine to vulnerable children, and we help families travel to medical appointments. We also provide therapies to children with disabilities and support training for therapists.

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