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Why is Vocation Important?

Our goal at Philip Hayden Foundation is to help each child reach their full potential. We help at-risk young people develop work skills that not only provide income, but also give them confidence, purpose, and independence. 

In China, a person with disabilities must hold a disabled person’s ID and be registered to work. Vocational training ensures young adults with special challenges are ready for employment. One project is Buns of Joy.

In Mexico, young adults in impoverished areas also face many challenges in finding employment and living independently. PHF is exploring ways to work with local registered charities to help vulnerable young people in Yucatán grow into productive adult members of Mexican society. 

“There are 30 million individuals with disabilities of employment age in China, but only one-fourth are employed.”

Some of the kids with disabilities who received help from Philip Hayden Foundation have grown into self-supporting, productive adult members of Chinese society. We are honored to be a part of their success. We need your help to provide at-risk young people with career and life skills training so they can become independent adults. Please donate now or go to our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children In Need

Meet Wendy


Wendy lived at the Philip Hayden Foundation for most of her teenage years. While she was there, she learned independent living skills and job skills. Through her own initiative, Wendy traveled solo to her home province to complete the paperwork for a disabled person’s ID. You can help other young men and women like Wendy […]

Meet Alonso


Meet Alonso. Alonso is ten years old and is one of many children in Mérida who needs your help to get the asthma medication he so desperately needs. His family lives in extreme poverty and cannot afford the monthly expense. For $40/month, you can provide her asthma medication. You can learn more about asthma in […]

Meet Anthony


This sweet boy with the mischievous smile was born in August 2014 – you may remember him from being a part of our Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (SFCV) family! He was born with myelomeningocele/hydrocephalus, and underwent a mass reduction operation in March 2015, then a VP shunt placement in April 2015 and a hernia repair in May […]

Explore Our Programs


Philip Hayden Foundation provides nutritious food, safe shelter, and medical services to vulnerable children. Children’s short-term basic needs must be met before they can benefit from other assistance like therapy, education, and vocational training.


Meaningful work allows people with disabilities to gain independence, contribute to society, and be viewed with dignity. Philip Hayden Foundation provides vocational and life skills training that enables at-risk young people to become productive, self-supporting adults.


PHF helps at-risk children and children with disabilities receive specialized education that allows them to thrive. Depending on the need, our support may include funding a teacher in a Montessori classroom, paying school tuition, providing supplies, hiring a tutor, and more.


Medical care saves and transforms children’s lives. PHF provides surgeries, treatment, and medicine to vulnerable children, and we help families travel to medical appointments. We also provide therapies to children with disabilities and support training for therapists.

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