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Yucatán, Mexico

The Yucatán Peninsula, home to the resort town of Cancún, is also home to three large indigenous Mayan groups – the Yucatán Mayans, the Campeche, and the Quintana Roo. Nearly 75% of the people in these groups live in poverty, and many of them also have chronic health conditions. The capital city of Mérida boasts Costco and Walmart, but half the population of the Yucatán falls below the poverty line.

Mexico reports over seven million people with disabilities. Only one million of them receive the monthly government stipend of $58. Only a quarter of children with special needs attend primary school, even though school is compulsory and must be inclusive.

At PHF, we are working with local charities in the Yucatán to provide vulnerable children with humanitarian aid, medical care, and education. You can help transform the lives of these children and families!

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