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2020 November Heartbeat

Tianjin orphanage team meets with PHF

From the Founder

Our 25 years of serving China’s orphan community have been incredible – filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures (a few!) – but this year may be the most challenging of all. Amidst the countless setbacks and challenges all of us have faced in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re extremely blessed to be a step closer to our new residents arriving on campus. After successful discussions with our orphanage partner, we’re welcoming approximately 30 teens and young adults as the first group to enter the 7Acres Vocational Training Program. One thing we’ve learned this year is that every good thing to help the disadvantaged is worth patiently waiting for.

Tianjin orphanage team meets with PHF

7Acres Hosts Partners

We hosted extensive meetings with the leaders of the Tianjin Children’s Social Welfare Institute and their various department heads, to discuss disability employment and social integration projects for our young people. Director Jiang and her team explained that this is what the welfare home really needs right now. It’s a blessing for us to have the opportunity to cooperate with them, to help improve the lives of orphans with disabilities by training and preparing them for life outside of an institution.

Thank you for sticking with us and believing together that we can make a huge difference in the lives of these teens and young adults. Keep praying – there are more good things to come!

Winter Heat

It’s that time of the year again when we raise funds for our winter heat. Every year, we have to pay our annual heating bill for Philip Hayden Foundation in advance – or the steam doesn’t get turned on. Well, the cold weather is just around the corner and we need your help once again. 

Many of you have donated already, but we still need to raise $31,000 more to keep the kids warm this winter. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated! To help keep our kids and staff warm this winter, go here and choose Winter Heat 2020 or text SFCV to 77977. It’s that easy to help bring warmth to our campus!

Charley Moon Brings Joy

Kayla with Infant Charley Moon
Kayla with Charley Moon

A month hadn’t passed in my new role as the Lead Therapist at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (SFCV), when I picked up this tiny, very fragile baby girl. From that moment, I knew our lives were changed forever. I immediately went to Tim Baker to discuss how and where to begin the adoption process – and as a single woman, it was scary. This November, Charley Moon (Zhu Yingmi) and I will celebrate our sixth Gotcha Day anniversary since coming home together, and we couldn’t be happier.

Charley Moon brings overflowing joy and laughter to our lives. She’s almost always happy, and delights in the simple things like family birthdays, going out to eat together, and warm family gatherings. She’s amazing at puzzles, loves to dance, enjoys all kinds of music, jogging in the neighborhood – and especially concerts!

Thriving in School

She’s currently in the second grade, loves to do homework, and has a great group of teachers, including special education teachers and a wonderful speech therapist. They’re very patient with Charley Moon, and help to increase her speech and guide her through school.

Forever Grateful

The inseparable bond I share with this little girl is unique in my life. She teaches me patience, unconditional love and especially how to slow down! She loves to pray about anything and everything, and is always thankful for China. She’s extremely close to her Lao Lao (grandmother) and her Auntie and Uncle, and fits perfectly into the rest of the family, just like the final piece of a puzzle.

Kick Off December on Giving Tuesday

It’s safe to say that we’ll all remember 2020 – but not necessarily for good things! However, in the midst of record-breaking hurricanes, floods and fires – as well as a worldwide, deadly pandemic – there’s hope. Very few lives remain untouched, and we’ve all been forced to adapt to governmental restrictions and worse. It’s only now that many people appreciate the value of things we once took for granted – like family dinner, a warm home, family and friends close enough to touch, and technology that lets us see a face when we communicate, even when we can’t be there in person.

A grateful heart sees many blessings

Life will always be full of challenges, and each of us can choose gratitude or discontent as we face them. If you opt for gratitude, will you also consider PHF on Giving Tuesday? It falls on December 1 this year – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Facebook will again be donating matching funds for early givers, and charging no fees. Find us on Facebook!

The pandemic has also delayed our 7Acres Project, but we’re using this time to fine-tune our program. You can help us accomplish this on Giving Tuesday with your donations, which means we’ll be prepared when young adults can finally move to our campus. Many of the people we serve have lived in institutions as long as they can remember. Most of their daily lives being decided for them. Along with job tutoring and life skills, our young people will learn about making daily decisions, communicating well, and learning to trust others as well as themselves.

Facebook is not the only way to give on Giving Tuesday. You can also mail a check to our California office, text SFCV to 77977, or donate online. Thank you for continuing to help young orphans in China gain knowledge, confidence and life-changing independence.

You Can Advocate for Brody

Brody Hu Minpeng has Down syndrome, but enjoys overall good health and communicates well. He’s learned basic sign language, but his favorite way to communicate is with hugs. He loves to socialize on the playground, roll around in the hammock and just be around people. Honestly, he can find joy in any setting! We’re eager to see what the future holds for him. We pray it includes a Forever Family that’s looking for a wonderful, loving boy named Brody.

We’re working hard to help Brody find a family long before any worries about the adoption age limit arise. Please share his story on social media and elsewhere to help us advocate for him. For more information, contact us at or call us in the USA at 1-866-526-3712.

brody gives hug to tim baker

Brody gives the best hugs!

Sign Up for Some Amazon Smiles

banner bring joy with amazon smile

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to drastically alter our buying habits, resulting in a significant increase in online shopping. Companies like Amazon benefit from this, but increased online sales can also help us. Through Amazon Smile, you can link your Amazon account to the Philip Hayden Foundation (PHF), and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible total (nearly everything!) to PHF. Your total cost doesn’t change, but Chinese orphans will benefit. Your donation is anonymous, so we can’t thank you personally – but we’re very thankful for your participation and willingness to give.

It’s easy to sign up on the Amazon website or through the Amazon app. Here’s how. Simply go to and sign in. Then choose Philip Hayden Foundation as your charity of choice. If you use the Amazon shopping app, just open the app and tap Settings. Then tap AmazonSmile and follow the instructions. It’s that easy!

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