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Press Release Questions and Answers

This week, our plan is to help our kids as we all transition to new lives off campus. We will continue to partner with our kids and their orphanages to provide them with the care, therapy and services they need. Beyond that, we have already begun the process of registering SFCV as a therapy center and vocational training facility. Once that registration is completed, we will then be able to take in more special needs kids and young adults from the Tianjin orphanage. Our hope is to also provide services to families from all over China who have children with special needs. Most of these families have struggled to find therapy, medical and educational services for their kids at an affordable rate. We want to provide these services to them, as well as train and equip the parents with the skills and strategies they need to best help their kids.

Yes, our therapy, vocational, medical and support staff will be traveling to provide our kids and partnering orphanages with the hands-on and one-on-one training that they need. As mentioned, we will continue to support our kids and partners by any means necessary including: providing wheelchairs and mobility devices, therapy and medical supplies, therapy training, vocational training, special care training, special education training, and medical training to ensure that they receive the best care possible. Our kids may live at a different address, but they are still our family.

At this time, our Child Sponsorship Program has ended.  The children have lived in their province of origin for over a year. It has become more challenging to stay individually connected with them as the policies in China continue to evolve.

To offer stability in the midst of ever-changing laws and situations, we’ve developed a new recurring giving program called Partners in Hope that will ensure that your generous donations are maximized in their effectiveness.  You’ll choose one of four areas to support with your recurring donations.  Choose Bright Stars Therapy7Acres (vocational training), Medical, or our General Fund.  And as a Partner in Hope, you will be updated with stories and photos of children whose lives are transformed. You can Be the Change!

No! Our work is far from done! As mentioned in our statement, we are committed to continuing to provide care for our kids in their new homes. In addition, we are looking forward to opening SFCV as the therapy center and vocational training facility. This will allow us to continue to provide care to local orphans as well as families affected by disability.

Yes, we will be honoring all summer internships for the 2018 season and beyond. Looking to the future, we will continue to need a lot of help from visitors, volunteers and interns as we move into the next phase of our work. Thus, we will continue to accept visitors, interns, volunteers and teams. Further questions regarding internships and team bookings can be emailed to our staff. The contact information is on our website.

You can continue to support us by adopting/advocating for the kids, sponsoring a child, making financial donations, volunteering, donating supplies and resources, training materials and resources, and of course by covering us in prayer. All of our children are still adoptable, many with papers that are ready to be matched with families. These policies do not change the current status of any in-process adoption, again, this is just the kids change of address. We are excited for all that is store for us, and the kids, young adults and families we will be able to help in the future.

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