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2022 December Heartbeat

schoolchildren in India holding school folders

From the Heart

As 2022 comes to a close, we are thankful for you and the impact you have made in the lives of children. Your donations to Philip Hayden Foundation have transformed lives in China and Mexico, with success in providing humanitarian aid, medical and therapy care, education, and vocational training. You can read about these successes in this issue.

three Indian school-age children smile while holding their school folders.

We now have the opportunity to impact the lives of impoverished children and orphans in India with your donations. Nearly one-sixth of the world’s population lives in India, and one-fifth live in extreme poverty. Children face issues like homelessness, malnutrition, and access to medical care and education.

Mission to the Nations (MTN) has served in the coastal city of Kakinada, India, for many years. Located on the eastern side of India on the Bay of Bengal, Kakinada and the surrounding villages are home to more than one million people. Mission to the Nations provides food, clean water, orphan care, medical care, education, and vocational training to their impoverished community.

Mission to the Nations provides free education to 6000 boys and girls at 15 schools who would otherwise not be able to attend. Children from homeless families, low-income families, lower-class families, and children abused by their family or neighborhood are accepted. They will have a place to stay if needed as they attend school. MTN provides this facility without considering their caste, creed, or religion. Unfortunately, these schools do not have bathrooms, which is particularly hard for the girls. So Philip Hayden Foundation will fund simple block bathrooms for girls at four schools, promoting good hygiene and safety for the girls.

To donate to support this project, click here. Thank you for your faithful support and care for orphans and vulnerable children worldwide.

2022 Stories of Transformation

For more than twenty five years, Philip Hayden Foundation has worked hard to define opportunities to meet the needs of orphans and children with disabilities, transforming their lives. We’ve identified four areas where we can impact young lives: humanitarian aid, medical and therapy, education, and vocational training. We believe that someday every child will be seen, known, and valued. Here are some of the successes in 2022.


Humanitarian Aid Icon

The United Nations defines the threshold for poverty as $2/day. The Philip Hayden Foundation works in areas of China and Mexico where many children lack access to enough nutritious food to grow and thrive. Your 2022 donations have met basic needs of children in both countries. You can read more here.

Milk and Eggs

Over 15% of the people living in Yucatán, Mexico, live in poverty and have poor access to food, particularly protein. Your donations have provided milk and eggs to impoverished families in Mérida, Yucatán, and these are delivered regularly. Young and old alike benefit from this outreach, and growing children need protein for healthy bodies and minds.

Formula and diapers

Through our partnership with Madison Adoption Associates, your donations provided needed diapers and formula for two rural orphanages in Asia. Over 98% of the orphans have disabilities, so more caregivers are required. At the same time, the pandemic has disrupted the availability – and radically increased the cost. Your donations provided diapers and formula to supplement the nutrition of medically fragile children, providing hope.

Medical and Therapy Care

Medical Group Icon

The Philip Hayden Foundation continues to provide life-changing medical care and therapy. This support includes access to care, like transportation, or mobility aids, like wheelchairs. It also includes fees for access to therapy, allowing families to stay together. You can read more on our medical page.


Last summer, a young father of five was hit by a car while returning home from work. Unfortunately, the impact broke both his legs, and the driver fled the scene. Ángel is the sole provider for his family, including two adopted sons with special needs. Your donations helped Ángel and his family during his recovery.


YiMan is eight years old and lives with his family in China. YiMan was diagnosed with autism, and his loving mama learned all she could about the disorder to help YiMan. But he struggled in school. Finally, a therapeutic school for children with autism opened near their home – and YiMan was enrolled. He made tremendous gains, but the cost was so high – nearly their entire income – they did not know what to do. Your donations through PHF paid for YiMan’s therapy for a year. YiMan’s mama shared, “When I’m alone, I always wonder what kind of people you are to be willing to help us strangers, just because of the love in your heart. I’m really touched… I will never fail to live up to your love, and I will do my best to help my YiMan get better and better.


Education Icon

While education is required in Mexico and China for ages 5 through 14, some children with disabilities can still not attend. Your donations support special education classrooms, tuition for special education, and learning aids for children. You can read more on our Education page.


Beyond helping Matias with access to medical care, your donations provided a tablet for Matias. This tablet allows Matias to continue his education remotely while he undergoes medical care. Without your help, Matias would be unable to attend school.

Montessori Classroom

Because of poverty and learning disabilities, some orphans and vulnerable children in rural China cannot attend regular school. Your donations helped a local charity start a Montessori classroom to meet the educational needs of these children. Nearly 20 children are now students, and their teachers are amazed at their ability to learn in this hands-on classroom.

Vocational Training

Vocation Icon

Independent living is often out of reach for young adults with disabilities. Your donations provide access to life skills and vocational training to help them find employment and reach their full potential. You can read more on our Vocation page.

Red Thread Arts and Crafts Center

Last spring, the Philip Hayden Foundation secured a location and equipment for young people with disabilities to learn a trade, starting with leatherwork and screen printing. The site is ready and waiting, but recurring pandemic quarantines have delayed its opening.

Life Skills

Last summer, PHF hosted a pizza-making event for children with disabilities and their families. It was a great success; kids accomplished far more independently than they thought possible. Events like this foster confidence and open doors for these children to learn to live independently. PHF is planning more events like this; your donations make this possible.

Building Collaboration Worldwide

While the world has changed in the past 25 years, the needs of children have not. In China, families search for ways to raise their children with disabilities. As PHF explored opportunities in China and throughout the world, we discovered that we needed to work with local charities to impact the most children. These organizations are already on the ground, working to benefit orphans, unsupported children, and vulnerable children in families struggling to survive. These organizations are reviewed carefully for integrity, compassion, and success.

This can be astonishingly difficult in rural China, where the cost of one medical visit is the same as their monthly housing cost. And the expense of specialized education is even farther out of reach. In contrast, in Yucatán, Mexico, there is an increasing division of wealth. As a result, many families struggle to survive below the poverty line, lacking access to nutritious food or health care. In addition, families are a foundational part of Mexican culture, so the type of support needed is different.

PHF will continue to meet the needs of vulnerable children with compassion and integrity, just as we have for the past 26 years.

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