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Amazing Andrew Flourishes in Forever Family

PHF has been home to some amazing kids, and we’re featuring Andrew (Zhang Yunfei) this time.

Andrew was adopted from Shepherd’s Field in September 2015 by his Forever Family from the United States. Five years later, at age 15, he’s doing well with the love and support they’ve given him. His mom said he has come a long way in just a few years, and she’s very proud of him. Currently, he’s excitedly preparing for the 9th grade, but he’s not quite sure that his mom and dad are ready!

Andrew’s a very smart boy – he was tested by his school last year, and his IQ results are higher than the children who can hear. However, his inability to hear and speak has frustrated him and prevented him from doing everything he knows he can. Joining a family with other hearing-impaired kids was the perfect match because the entire family already knew sign language. As a result, Andrew has flourished, and compared with his days at Shepherd’s Field, and he’s an entirely different young man. His mom said Andrew is very handy, too. Assembling ceiling fans, putting together shelving, fixing his mom’s sewing table – Andrew handles it all like a pro! These are the types of life skills we aim to incorporate into the lives of all the teens in the 7Acres Project. Our mission is to help them reach their true potential and to enjoy independent, fulfilling lives.

Andrew is a light to the many who haven’t yet had a chance to show the world what they can do. His life-changing story is inspiring, and we’re excited to watch him as he continues to grow. We’re very blessed to be in Andrew’s life, and we’re prepared to welcome many more kids just like him.

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