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Blossom With PHF

baby learning to hold up head and reach for balls. Not actual client.

For children with disabilities, therapy is life-changing. Physical therapy improves movement and motor skills, enhancing quality of life. Occupational therapy gives children the tools they need to overcome challenges and build success uniquely. Speech therapy promotes language development and articulation. Therapy radically improves the trajectory of success and possibilities in life. I’m a big fan!

Unfortunately, not every family with a child needing therapy can afford to attend, and there are not enough pediatric clinics to meet the growing needs.

We are happy to announce a new opportunity in China. A local charity is nearly finished renovating a building where they plan to offer pediatric therapy to kids who could not otherwise afford it. Right now, they need $15,000 to complete the extensive renovations. The much-needed equipment will be an additional $15,000. With your help, the clinic renovation can be completed, outfitted, and opened for business. Would you help a child with disabilities BLOSSOM with PHF?

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