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Buns of Joy

disabled worker in China selling steamed buns

We have a brand-new opportunity in China! A group of six people started a bakery specializing in steamed buns, Buns of Joy. Their goal is to provide vocational training and employment for people with disabilities, adapting the job to be within their capability. The bakery started last June, employing two social workers and a few people with disabilities, along with bakers and a technician to maintain the equipment. It’s a success!

The young people with disabilities are learning new skills and have immense pride in their work. They even earn a stipend to take home! The goal is to help patients with mild disabilities integrate into society, rehabilitate social functions, rebuild confidence in life, reflect the value of every person, serve society, and have an income to reduce the burden on families. What a win-win opportunity!

You can help grow this young business training individuals with disabilities with your donation today. The bakery sustains its bakers and a technician, but they need your support to hire more social workers and young adults with disabilities.

Will you help support Buns of Joy today?

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