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Philip Hayden Foundation

Meet Graham


Like every child, Graham has a strong desire to understand and be understood by the people around him. But he has significant hearing loss and at the age of 5, did not speak.

Then contributions by PHF supporters helped change his life at the age of five. Graham was fitted for a hearing aid, and when he received his assistive device and it was turned on, his behavior immediately changed. He became calm, was more attentive, stopped making unintentional sounds, and began to respond to prompts. Our team is so grateful for the donations from caring partners that made this new device possible for him.

Graham had new opportunities to express himself, including using a picture exchange system. He also learned some sign language with our Bright Stars Therapy Team, although he would rather be on the move. A new world has opened up to this excited little boy!

Graham is now 9 years old, and the word is, he’s also quite the busy body! Graham likes toys, but can be very particular in his choosing. Blocks and puzzles are his favorites at the moment. He’ll often cling onto you and give loads of the sweetest little hugs. He’ll become very attached to certain people, even if it takes a moment before he warms up. Graham has some hearing, and according to his orphanage he can follow simple directions. He also has congenital heart defects.

You can have a front row seat to see Graham’s life change again, by helping us find a Forever Family for him. One that can help him grow and communicate. Most importantly, one that will help him understand that he is loved. Will you help us find sweet Graham a family who can love and support him as he grows?

Will you help Graham make this a reality? China is closed to international adoption, but Graham can be adopted within China. Will you pray for Graham to join a forever family?


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