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Who We Are

Caring for Kids in Need

Humanitarian Aid

Philip Hayden Foundation helps meet children’s short-term needs for survival. We provide essentials like nutritious food, safe shelter, access to medical care, and diapers and infant formula.

If children are hungry or unsafe, they can’t build relationships, respond well to therapy, or retain what they learn in school. PHF partners with local charities and humanitarian organizations to ensure the children’s basic needs are met.

China recently reported nearly 190,000 orphans and over 250,000 unsupported children whose parents are unable to care for them. PHF supports local child care centers that provide live-saving food and medical care to these kids. 

In Yucatán, Mexico, many kids live in poverty at the edges of cities. PHF provides food and medical services to these families. We are exploring more opportunities to work with local registered charities to meet the basic needs of families in Yucatán.

Humanitarian aid helps save kids’ lives here and now, no matter where they live or what they face.

Providing for basic needs like food, shelter, and safety alleviates suffering, preserves dignity, and fosters independence. In China, PHF provides formula, diapers, and surgeries for orphans and unsupported children through local charities. In Mexico, we provide food and medicine to at-risk children and their families. We need your help to continue bringing life-saving humanitarian aid to vulnerable children. Please donate now or visit our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children in Need

Meet Maria

Medical day in Mexico

Maria and her family eagerly await the medical outreach day in their region. Her family barely has enough money for food and can’t afford medical care. Mama often has a hard time breathing, so it will be good for her to see a doctor. The last time Maria’s family attended, they were also given a banana and milk! Maria hopes there will be food this time too. If you’d like to help, donate now.

Meet Olivia

Formula and diapers

Olivia was born with a disability and lives in an orphanage in rural China. With the disruptions due to Covid, diapers and formula are more expensive than ever. The costs are rising, but the reimbursement rate for each child is not. You can help provide formula and diapers for Olivia and others like her.

meet simeon

Meet Mikey 

Haircut clippers

This photo is of Simeon because we can’t share a photo of Mikey, which protects Mikey’s privacy. Mikey’s orphanage is working hard to stretch its government funding to cover haircuts, bedding, washing machines, and other non-consumable items. You can help meet these needs! Click here to find out how.

Medical Care and Therapy

Medical care can transform or save the lives of at-risk children. But too often, these vulnerable kids don’t receive the healthcare they need. 

With your help, PHF can give children access to doctors, surgeries, medications, and comfort care. We also help families travel to medical appointments, and we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy for kids with disabilities. We also train caregivers to safely feed a child with swallowing difficulties and transfer a child from a bed to a wheelchair.

More than 98% of orphans in China have disabilities, ranging from severe to minor. China has dramatically improved access to medical care for orphans, especially in cities. But some children need additional support or palliative care, and PHF provides access to these services.

Along with basic medical care, PHF also helps fund physical, occupational, and speech therapy for kids with special needs. These interventions make a huge impact in the lives of children, allowing them greater independence and a much higher quality of life. 

In Yucatán, Mexico, many families live in crowded conditions without plumbing or electricity. Kids in these areas are at greater risk of illness and infection. PHF is working to establish partnerships with local registered charities that can provide medical care for vulnerable children in Yucatán.

In rural areas of China, a single visit for healthcare can cost as much as housing for one month. Imagine having to make that choice.

Philip Hayden Foundation has provided medical care ranging from life-saving heart surgery to life-changing physical therapy to enhance mobility. We need your help to continue meeting the healthcare needs of at-risk children in China and Mexico. Please donate now, or visit our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children in Need

8 month old baby Lia looks happy and healthy

Meet Lia

Lia and her family live in a rural area in China. Lia was born far too early–weighing a mere two pounds. Her family could not afford medical care, but a compassionate local nurse raised the funds needed to save Lia’s life. Lia is now a year old and faces a new challenge. She has a vision disorder. Her family must take her to Beijing to receive a diagnosis and treatment, but the travel costs are too high. You can help provide the funds to change Lia’s life by donating through PHF. 

Find forever family for Charlie

Meet HengHeng

HengHeng is three years old, and his smile lights up his entire face. His mama is smiling now too! HengHeng has autism, and his family struggles to meet his needs. They even considered giving him up for adoption so he could receive the care he needed and have a brighter future. Thankfully, PHF was able to fund his therapy for a year! Learn more about making a difference to a child like HengHeng.

Meet Eduardo 

Eduardo and his family live just outside the city of Mérida on the Yucatán peninsula. Like most of their neighbors, their house has a dirt floor and no running water. Many days they don’t have enough to eat. But Eduardo is happy that his family is together–because to him, family is everything. Eduardo has asthma, so he needs to see a doctor regularly and get medicine to help him breathe. You can help Eduardo and others like him in the shanty towns outside Mérida.


Education offers hope and a pathway out of poverty. Vulnerable children need extra support to succeed in school, especially kids with disabilities. Philip Hayden Foundation funds classrooms and teacher salaries so these children can receive an education that allows them to thrive.

China has made great strides toward meeting the educational needs of disabled children, but some rural areas still lag behind. Rural teachers often receive lower pay and have higher workloads, and some schools lack teachers with full training in special education. PHF funds schools and special-education classrooms in these high-need areas, particularly for young students.

In Mexico, many students in poor areas don’t receive adequate education to prepare them for the future. Recent statistics reported by Mexico showed that more than half of Mexican students completing lower secondary school had deficits in reading or math.

Many children in Yucatán are part of a Mayan community. Most Mayan families speak their own language at home rather than Spanish, as they preserve their culture.  The language barrier creates even more learning challenges for the children.

PHF is exploring ways to work with local charities to provide support for teachers, classrooms, and students on the Yucatán peninsula. Rural teachers earn one-third of the salary of urban teachers, leaving village schools without teachers – especially for specialized education.

In rural China, your donations fund a Montessori classroom with room for 30 unsupported children and orphans. We need your help to provide specialized education for vulnerable children. Please donate now or go to our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children in Need

YiMan on his bicycle in his village

Meet YiMan

YiMan is eight years old and is deeply loved by his family. He has autism, which makes learning hard for him. Recently, a new therapy center for kids with autism opened in his county. But the cost of his therapy is almost all of their family income. Your gift can help YiMan and others like him! 

Meet Elijah

Elijah is one of many orphans and unsupported children with cerebral palsy (CP) in his rural community in China. Elijah is now receiving therapy three times a week to improve his strength and mobility. He attends the local Montessori preschool, thanks to generous donors. There he is learning basic arithmetic and reading. He also can participate in group activities and practice daily living skills. He is thriving in school with the encouragement of his teachers. Learn more about how you can help a child like Elijah.


Our goal at Philip Hayden Foundation is to help each child reach their full potential. We help at-risk young people develop work skills that not only provide income, but also give them confidence, purpose, and independence. 

In China, a person with disabilities must hold a disabled person’s ID and be registered to work. Vocational training ensures young adults with special challenges are ready for employment. 

In Mexico, young adults in impoverished areas also face many challenges in finding employment and living independently. PHF is exploring ways to work with local registered charities to help vulnerable young people in Yucatán grow into productive adult members of Mexican society. 

There are 30 million individuals with disabilities of employment age in China, but only one-fourth are employed. Some of the kids with disabilities who received help from Philip Hayden Foundation have grown into self-supporting, productive adult members of Chinese society. We are honored to be a part of their success. We need your help to provide at-risk young people with career and life skills training so they can become independent adults. Please donate now or go to our Get Involved page to see the many ways you can be a part of changing a child’s life.

Children in Need

Wendy in wheelchair visiting Shanghai

Meet Wendy

Wendy lived on the Philip Hayden Foundation campus for most of her teenage years. While she was there, she learned independent living skills and job skills. Through her own initiative, Wendy traveled solo to her home province to complete the paperwork for a disabled person’s ID. This ID is required for her to work in China. Your support helps other young men and women like Wendy learn the skills needed to hold a job. Learn more!

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