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2023 August Heartbeat

girl receiving eggs and cookies

From the Heart

Are you part of a community? Every community has a purpose, like a source of social connection or a sense of belonging. Sociologists tell us that, as humans, we need that sense of belonging to thrive. Most of us are members of more than one community, and if you read this newsletter, you are part of the Philip Hayden Foundation community.

Strong communities generally have shared values. Our PHF community is compassionate and cares deeply about the well-being of vulnerable children. We want to see children thrive, which spurs our focus on humanitarian aid and access to medical care and therapy. Nearly every member of our Executive Board has adopted a child internationally.

PHF is working with several communities in smaller cities and villages in China, where these close-knit communities help each other. Some parents are migrant workers and must leave their children in the care of aging grandparents. The community shares meals, childcare, and even a network of support to meet the daily challenges of life in their district.

There are many areas of extreme poverty just outside the city of Mérida, Yucatán. Families work hard to stay together, often living in shanties (cardboard homes). But the community is strong, with neighbors helping neighbors. We recently told you about a fire that destroyed three homes. The local community was able to help two of the families to rebuild, donating from the little they had.

What happens in a vibrant community when an individual family faces a crisis with needs beyond the community’s resources?   Perhaps a family has a child born with a disability or is facing serious illnesses like cancer, or even when a fire destroys their home? The financial and emotional needs are overwhelming, and the family feels hopeless and isolated.

  • Young Yiman has autism. Thankfully a special school opened where Yiman could grow, learn, and thrive. But the cost was nearly a year’s income for Yiman’s family.
  • Two-year-old Emma was diagnosed with liver cancer. The cost of the treatment was beyond the limited resource of Emma’s family and community, but Emma would surely die without treatment.
  • Didier and Jesús are two young boys in Mexico living in a shanty community. A fire destroyed their home and two neighbors’ homes. Unfortunately, their father died while rescuing them. Two-year-old Didier suffered a broken leg, which doctors repaired surgically locally, but his brother, Jesús, had burns over most of his body. The community banded together to rebuild the families’ homes, but they couldn’t meet the needs of Jesús and his family.

In such cases, tangible financial support from larger communities can transform lives and encourage entire communities. Your donations to PHF supported Yiman, Emma, and Jesús, impacting not only them but also their families and communities.

Enforced isolation during the pandemic changed how we view our community and the needs of others. We are more willing to meet the health need of an unknown person, and that gift changes our life and theirs. We are part of a larger community, providing hope.

Communities in Action

Philip Hayden Foundation is passionate about helping vulnerable children by providing humanitarian aid, access to medical care and therapy, education, and vocational training so children can thrive. Changes in China’s policies regarding care for orphans caused PHF to evaluate the best way to continue transforming the lives of vulnerable children, particularly those with disabilities. We looked for in-country local charities engaged with helping vulnerable children, and we found them.

There are vibrant communities in India, China, and Mexico that are already helping each other – but sometimes, there are not enough funds to meet the overwhelming needs. Read how your donations are empowering local communities to transform lives.


freestanding bathroom under construction in India

India is home to nearly one-sixth of the world’s population, and vulnerable children face problems like homelessness, malnutrition, access to medical care, and access to education every day. A Christian organization, Mission to the Nations (MTN), built orphanages and free schools to transform the lives of impoverished children. But the schools do not have bathrooms which can hinder good hygiene. The year-end project for the Philip Hayden Foundation was to partner with MTN to build two bathrooms for a free school in India.

We are pleased to share the construction of two freestanding bathrooms near a well-attended school in India. Your year-end donations made this project possible. Over 600 children will benefit from your generous gifts.


Healing Homes in China provide a caring community for orphans with severe medical needs. Daphne lives in a healing home and is a very active girl! She loves playing pretend with dolls and the toy kitchen. Whenever there are balls or balloons around, Daphne is the first to create a fun game to play with her friends. She’s a great helper and very independent when preparing for the day. This sweet girl loves hugs and holding hands with friends and caregivers. She’d prefer to play outside rather than inside but can usually be persuaded to join the group in whatever activity they are moving on to. Daphne is a sweet and playful girl who continues to blossom! Your donations to the PHF medical fund provide medication for Daphne and other orphans in Healing Homes in China.


Red de Ciudadanos de Mérida (RCM) is a local nonprofit with a heart for helping their community. In July, the first egg delivery of the “Yolk for All” program was made. RCM delivered 4 liters of milk, two dozen eggs, and an extra special treat of a package of cookies to children from Roble Unión. The delivery was a success, benefiting more than 300 families to improve the nutrition of growing boys and girls. RCM scheduled two more deliveries in August. With your help, Philip Hayden Foundation will begin supporting this humanitarian outreach in September. Your gift of $40 will provide milk and eggs for four children.

While school is free for children in Mexico, they must still bring school supplies and wear a uniform. Our local partner will provide uniforms, shoes, and school supplies for 2000 children. Your gift of $30 will provide school supplies for three children.

Elizabeth Floch Rolls On to Alabama

young chinese girl in stroller

My oldest daughter and I met Elizabeth at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village in 2008. Her spunk and zest for life captured our hearts. Wheelchairs were rare in China, so Elizabeth used a stroller or scooted around with her strong arms to propel her from location to location. We prayed for her to have a forever family and were astonished when our friends Clay and Jewel adopted her. Elizabeth and her family live in our area, and I was delighted to read about her this spring in our local paper.

We’ve written about Elizabeth before and thought you would enjoy hearing about Elizabeth’s next season of life. Many of you also sponsored Elizabeth while she was at Shepherd’s Field. You are part of the community impacting Elizabeth’s life. ~ Lori

Elizabeth Floch is off to college! We have watched Elizabeth grow into a strong woman from a passionate young girl at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village. While she began her life at SFCV in China, her forever family and home are with Clay and Jewel Floch, former partners with PHF.

woman participating in wheelchair basketball

Elizabeth discovered a passion for wheelchair sports once she moved to Spokane Valley, and this passion has only grown. Through ParaSport Spokane, Elizabeth has been on the court and on the track in the years she has pursued this love and passion for sports. Parasport is a nonprofit organization, and donations fund coaches and travel.

The ParaSport Spokane community helped Elizabeth see a future and grow in independence. They not only taught sports, but they also taught how to succeed in life. ParaSport’s mission is, “With integrity, ParaSport Spokane will provide training, recreational, and competitive opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities that promote success, self-worth, and independence. ParaSport Spokane uses adaptive sports as a catalyst for life.”

After years of hard work, Elizabeth competed in Switzerland in 2017 at the World Para Athletics Junior Championships, where she took a silver medal in the 800 meters and bronze in the 100, 200, and 400. Elizabeth earned three more awards at the Arizona Grand Prix in 2018. In 2019, she returned to competing in Switzerland for the World Juniors.

Elizabeth has had great success on the track but prefers basketball because it is a team sport, with each member relying on others. She also has that view in life, serving as the ASB Treasurer at her high school. She notes that her success depends on sacrifices and encouragement from her community.

We are beyond excited to share that Elizabeth will attend the University of Alabama on a full scholarship! She will be part of the National Champion Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team while earning her Teaching degree. We cannot wait to see Elizabeth in her white and red jersey! Roll Tide!

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