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ten-year-old boy with TCS with his mama. the boy is wearing an external hearing device and has facial abnormalities.

Introducing Matias

Introducing Matias! Matias and his mom live in Yucatán, Mexico. This young boy has Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) and needs your help. So, what is TCS? A genetic mutation causes this disorder, affecting how the bones of the face grow and develop. Bone abnormalities affect more than facial appearance; they can affect hearing, vision, eating, […]

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Remembering Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year was a joyous celebration on our 7Acres Campus, as the Rat appeared. The older teens, Trudy and Sunny, made a delectable feast of Chinese treats for the staff, volunteers, and others who stayed on campus during the holiday. Earlier in the day, Maggie (Tian Xin Xin) and two nannies made jiaozi (handmade […]

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