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chinese boy in wheelchair with adults on each side

2022 November Heartbeat

Announcing a new domain and website to showcase expansion to vulnerable children in China and Mexico. In addition, this issue highlights aid to vulnerable children worldwide.

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Angel's family for 2022 October Heartbeat

2022 October Heartbeat

PHF donations impacted a family with a medical crisis, a young woman with disabilities, and a boy with developmental delays.

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Brody getting his hair cut with hair clippers

2022 September Heartbeat

Orphan care in China has changed over the past decade. Philip Hayden Foundation continues to collaborate with local charities to change lives.

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An Italian Family Shares Their Adoption Journey to Francesco

Have you ever wondered how the adoption process works in other countries? The Italian Forever Family of Jerak Robbins – now Francesco – recently sent a welcome update. In Italy, a home study includes an interview with both a social worker and a psychologist. Then a judge determines the family’s suitability for adoption. Francesco’s family […]

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Living at PHF’s Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village Gives Cody a Head Start as He Joins Forever Family.

As a family, we knew we were being called to adopt as we began that process domestically in the United States. God led us to adopt a baby boy with Down Syndrome through that journey. While our hearts and minds were opened to the needs of little ones born with special needs, God opened them […]

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Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Katy, Made Learning Fun at PHF

In honor of Occupational Therapist Month, we would like to highlight our very own Katy Everhart, MOT. Katy joined our Shepherd’s Field family when she and her husband, Dustin, moved to our campus in 2018. Katy served as the Occupational Therapist (OT) for our Bright Stars Therapy Program and was a fantastic addition!   The […]

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Blackberry Stains and Cleansing Rain

One of the first things I noticed after arriving at Shepherd’s Field was the scores of luscious, ripe blackberries that had just fallen from the bushes and littered the walkways across campus. In the days that followed, I watched as children played, walked, ran, and wheeled over the berries; workers crushed them underfoot; and visitors […]

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A New Name but the Same Life of the Party

Kennedy, Yangyang, or Ling XuYang (however you knew him) is still the same boy now that he goes by Timothy. You’d never forget him if you spent any time working at or visiting Shepherd’s Field in recent years. Life of the party, always smiling and singing, funny with a great laugh and lots of hugs, […]

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Praying For a Father for Zoey Brings a Special Answer

As we celebrate our Silver Anniversary this year, we’re reminded of the countless incredible memories with our kids. One extraordinary recollection is the story of Zoey. When she arrived on our campus as a tiny baby, doctors stated that her special needs were so debilitating she’d be non-responsive for the rest of her life. Shortly […]

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Amazing Andrew Flourishes in Forever Family

PHF has been home to some amazing kids, and we’re featuring Andrew (Zhang Yunfei) this time. Andrew was adopted from Shepherd’s Field in September 2015 by his Forever Family from the United States. Five years later, at age 15, he’s doing well with the love and support they’ve given him. His mom said he has […]

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What Love Looks Like

The storage on my cell phone has been full for years now. Normal people would have taken the time to empty the needless things that fill it, but I can’t do that. That space is filled with an instant source of joy for me – thousands of images from time spent in a foreign land, […]

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It’s Not What I Thought – Heart Change

It’s not what I thought. In 2007 I wanted to take a group to serve at one of the three orphanages where my girls spent the first year of their lives – and received three consecutive “No’s.” I wanted to give back somehow and to expose others to the plight of the orphan in China. […]

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Rectangle 341

Bright Star Therapy Team Visits Lianjiang, Guangdong

Our staff and therapy team made a trip to the Lianjiang, Guangdong orphanage for the first time in the summer of 2019. Our Director of Operations, Lily Zhuang, made the long trek across the country and one of our Bright Star Therapy team members, Annie Sun. They met with the orphanage staff and their onsite […]

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Tim Baker with young girl in Yucatan

2022 April Heartbeat

This month PHF is sharing inspiring stories of hope in China and Mexico. Read on to learn how PHF is transforming lives in both countries.

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Chinese toddler in Santa hat

2021 December Heartbeat

The number of orphans in China has decreased every year since 2012. However, orphan care in rural Asia still needs your help to meet basic needs.

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Cleft affected boy post surgery enjoys life

2021 July Heartbeat

Cleft-affected children in China need your help. Learn about this common disorder and how PHF has helped orphans in China.

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Dustin needs forever family

2021 March Heartbeat

March is CP awareness month! Learn about Cerebral Palsy and meet three kids needing families. And meet staff member Lori Baxter.

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PHF kids celebrate CNY 2018

2021 February Heartbeat

The Year of the Ox – a great time to consider adoption! Read about one family’s journey and meet 3 kids who wait for their forever family.

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kids celebrate CNY

2021 January Heartbeat

Orphan care in China has changed in the last 25 years. PHF continues to partner with other NGOs to meet the continuing needs of orphans.

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2020 FEBRUARY Heartbeat

Heartbeat February 2020 From the Founder This month, we hosted a meeting on our 7Acres Campus with three local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including the Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau (TJCAB) and the International Non-Governmental Organization Public Security Bureau (INGOPSB). The meetings were very informative, and a way for local charities doing similar work to get to […]

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2020 JANUARY Heartbeat

Heartbeat January 2020 From the Founder As we peer into the new year, we expect to BE THE CHANGE for even more children, teens and young adults on our campus. Renovations are almost done, and the registration of a newly formed Tianjin NGO to carry out this work on our campus is nearly completed. As […]

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